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October - Skin Rejuvenation Month!

October is a great time to treat your skin to a little pampering. We invite you to come in to take advantage of this months special features (all about Skin Rejuvenation) as well as some incredible savings.

2 - Chemical Peel Treatments $149 Simply want to rejuvenate your skin. Chemical facial peels are popular because they offer nearly immediate results and can help to reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and uneven pigmentation. Two treatments included in package for optimal results.

2 - IPL Treatments - $495 (save $100) One of our newest Laser treatments offers both IPL & Radio-frequency treatments for treating facial wrinkles without surgery, resulting in an immediate improvement in skin quality, firmness and tightness! This treatment creates new collagen! Look and feel refreshed - naturally! Two treatments included in package for optimal results.

CO2 Treatment - SAVE $700 - now $1999 Our most effective micro ablative skin rejuvenation laser procedure, whether you are looking to refresh your look or appear years younger. It’s more than skin resurfacing, it’s deep skin rejuvenation.

Reduce Brown/Sun Spots • Tighten & Smooth • Reduce Wrinkles

Fat Grafting* With long-lasting results & very little downtime, fat grafting can be the ideal procedure for men & women concerned about sunken cheeks and hollowed temples to achieve a low-maintenance, naturally rejuvenated appearance.

Fuller, more youthful, smoother skin

Instalift* Silhouette InstaLift is a simple procedure to re-contour your face, lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful appearance. Can resume normal activities in a couple days, no scars, no cutting.

*Receive a free hand rejuvenation treatment with any Fat Grafting or Instalift procedure.

We wish you a wonderful fall full of rejuvenation!

Call to schedule your appointment 970-242-9127, special offers end 10/31/17.

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