Balancing hormones to prevent chronic health issues!

Everyone is aware that if they do not take care of themselves they will pay the consequences later. Why is nobody doing anything about it? Why are the masses ignoring their health? you need to be proactive and take control now. DO WE HAVE TO SHOUT FROM ROOFTOPS, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF? Your physician is inclined to treat you when you get sick, but a not-so-new movement is trying to prevent health issues before they can become issues. It really is not that complicated. A simple blood test can tell you and us a whole lot prior to developing long term chronic health issues. You can incur huge costs and feel pretty bad if you do not take preventative action. So why not? No need to list the reaso

Acne Prevention - Why Obagi is best!

Our hearts go out to the thousands who suffer from Acne . Some battle it for years, and many have lifelong scarring from it. We want to let you know, there is a solution to solving your acne without harmful oral medication or antibiotics. There are many options on the market, but we have experienced Obagi's Clenziderm System to produce the best results because some of the ingredients are designed to kill the bacteria below the skin that cause the breakout. Acne can be treated many different ways, from topical to oral medication. The oral medication can work for many, but has some harsh side effects that many want to avoid. There are hundreds of topicals on the market and most do not work wel

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