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Turning The Big 5.0.

Along with all these famous people, you are turning 50 this year, so how do you feel?

I used to think that 50 was old, but look at all these guys, they are looking pretty good - and 50 is the new 30, right?

When talking to a friend who just turned 50... she said "I don't feel old, I feel happy with where I am in life, with the opportunities I have and I feel invigorated, energetic and ready for anything."

We hear people all the time, talking about their 50 mile bike rides, their big work-out session with their cross fit coach and that they are in better shape now than ever before....So what is it about 50?

It might be that the kids are out of the house giving you more time to work on you? BUT no doubt it is partially due to medical advances. Botox, Laser Treatments, Plastic Surgery, Viagra, health club memberships and health conscious lifestyles. People 50 years ago smoked people do cleanses and take probiotics. A combination of all these things are making lots of 50 year olds feel and look younger. So what is next.?

To keep up with this lifestyle we have 3 suggestions, all services we can provide you in our office.

1 - Meet with our aging specialist. Do a blood panel, see where your hormones are and how to optimize how you feel and perform. Don't wait til you feel tired or old, feel your best, your optimal self!

2 - Lasers, lasers lasers...From hair rejuvenation to skin rejuvenation. Lasers have made it possible for everyone to reverse the signs of aging. Smooth your skin, remove unwanted hair, remove varicose veins or stubborn fat pockets...Whatever it is, these affordable, non-surgical options keep you young and vibrant.

3 - Ladies, don't fret, women issues are common at 50, but technology has come a long way...Start the conversation, feel youthful again, Vaginal rejuvenation is not only freeing for you, but a big plus for your relationship as well. So get back your sexy side (Often said Viagra for women, but we say it is better than Viagra - and no pills involved).

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