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Are You In Pain?

Stem cells can successfully treat:

  • Painful joints

  • Damaged ligaments or cartilage

  • Fill facial features from loss of fat thru aging

  • Tissue injuries

  • Wounds/burn scars

Botox available with any appointment/consult. Call for a consult today 970-242-9127

Effectively reduce or eliminate joint pain in knees, shoulders, hips, hands, feet, or back with a non-surgical,

in-office treatment. 

Stem cells are special types of cells, harvested from your own fat storage without an incision. The stem cells create exosomes which work to rebuild and renew damaged cells. Because stem cells are not inherently abundant in joints and ligaments, injections containing a rich supply of stem cells have a tremendous capacity to regenerate the deteriorating cells and cartilage, which can provide great pain relief.

Often after treatment the pain is so reduced that many patients cancel joint surgeries 


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