ThermiVa - What patients are saying...

More and more women are speaking up about private issues ... even with friends. We are so happy to be advocates for women's health and helping women improve certain issues they are concerned about. Female vaginal rejuvenation is performed using different techniques and are chosen based on an individual's concerns. ThermiVa is one way that addresses both the internal and external genital area. This is a nonsurgical technique that applies gentle heat through radio-frequency to the tissues. By gently heating the tissues to a certain temperature for a certain period of time, it improves the collagen and improves the tissue of the genitalia - both inside and outside. The additional heat increases

UltraShape Power, Cover of this months People Magazine

UltraShape Power is becoming a well known name, but for the many who do not know about it, it is one of the hottest services offered for body contouring. It is an in-office procedure with no downtime. Most patients say there is no pain and the results are impressive. How Ultrashape Power® Works UltraShape® is a comfortable treatment that instantly, selectively and permanently breaks down fat cells in the stomach area and other fat pad areas on the body, leaving blood vessels, nerves and skin unharmed. The fat cell content is safely cleared by the natural metabolic processes. The procedure lasts 45-60 minutes with no discomfort. Patients can see results in 2 sessions but 3 sessions are mandat

To Botox or Not To Botox

Botox is one of the leading treatments today for anti aging. It has gained much success over the years by helping men and women reduce facial lines and wrinkles. The classic uses includes treatment of Glabella "frown" lines as well as "Crows Feet". Botox reduces the activity of the muscles that cause facial lines to form overtime. EXPERT ADVICE FROM SHAPE ® Cheryl Kramer Kaye, Executive Beauty Editor of Shape®, shares her BOTOX® Cosmetic experience. Some people think Botox is a filler. Cherly Kramer Kaye from Shape clarifies the difference; the two treatment targets different wrinkles. The static type (which are there with out animation) do well with filler. Download the treatment visual

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