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ThermiVa - What patients are saying...

More and more women are speaking up about private issues ... even with friends. We are so happy to be advocates for women's health and helping women improve certain issues they are concerned about.

Female vaginal rejuvenation is performed using different techniques and are chosen based on an individual's concerns. ThermiVa is one way that addresses both the internal and external genital area. This is a nonsurgical technique that applies gentle heat through radio-frequency to the tissues. By gently heating the tissues to a certain temperature for a certain period of time, it improves the collagen and improves the tissue of the genitalia - both inside and outside. The additional heat increases circulation as well and does not cause pain. Between the increased circulation and stimulation of new cell growth with heat, women have had a great improvement in lubrication, sensation, and a feeling of tightness both of the outer labia and vaginal canal. ThermiVa can decrease urinary urgency and incontinence.

For almost all women, three treatments, scheduled a month apart are required to obtain the maximum benefits. Follow-up treatments are needed as this may not be a permanent fix. Your body will continue to change with aging, therefore, new treatment to the tissue may be needed in the future to maintain the youthful look and feel of the genitalia.

Actual Testimonials from ThermiVa Patients

“Recently, I completed the third treatment of Thermiva with you. The results have changed the way I can live my life. I am no longer having to go to the bathroom several times a day, and get up all night long. I thought my only options were medicines (with all their side effects) or surgery (with dubious results) Thermiva has changed all that. The procedure was painless and it worked!”

“This is an embarrassing problem most women don’t want to talk about. I’m no longer avoiding going places and doing things for fear of frantically not being able to find a bathroom in time.”

“After just one treatment, I saw significant improvement in appearance, significantly increased tightness, and elimination of my mild incontinence. I also experienced heightened sensitivity and increased lubrication.”

“My husband noticed a wonderful difference right away. He is very supportive in me getting 2 more treatments!”

When women experience any of these conditions, I remind them that these conditions aren’t going to go away by themselves, and in time, will most likely become more noticeable. ThermiVa can help. There is no downtime, and no post-procedural restrictions. It’s a wonderful procedure that can be done to keep up the function and health of the vaginal area.

The best candidates are pre and post- menopausal women; women affected by sexual dysfunction, women who have had children, and women who experience leakage when sneezing, jumping, and coughing.

Special pricing for December only - Normal price for three treatments is $3500, Now only $2200 if paid for by Dec 31, 2017.

Call to schedule an appointment today 970-242-9127.

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