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Bio-Identical Hormone Replenishment Program

The Center for Longevity and Natural Hormone Replenishment

We specialize in bio-identical hormone replenishment. The signs and symptoms of aging can be prevented and some reversed. Aging is caused by chronic inflammation, hormone reduction and lifestyle choices. By first analyzing your level of health by studying health choices (sleep, stress, diet, exercise, etc) and then studying your body's response to those health choices (blood work, saliva, urine etc), we are able to make recommendations of how to slow the aging process. These recommendations include bio-identical hormones, lifestyle changes as needed and directed nutritional supplements to support your body and allow it to function at it optimal level.

Some of the indications for hormone replenishment are:

• Weight gain or weight loss

• Loss of energy or loss of strength

• Increased anxiety

• Cognitive decline

• Depression

• Sleeplessness

• Osteoporosis or bone loss

• Loss of libido/sex drive

• Increased irritability

• Loss of hair

• Aging of the skin/nails

• Symptoms of Menopause/Hot flashes

• Vaginal Dryness/Painful intercourse

• Hysterectomy


The process of finding the correct level of replenishment is not an exact science and may require some time to adjust your dosages the get you feeling your best. This requires you to have an ongoing relationship with your HRT Specialist to work together to achieve your goal of optimal health. This relationship will take place in person in our office and also over the phone to check on your status.

This program is a lifestyle change that will allow you to function at an optimal level for years to come. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.


Call us today and start on the road to feeling better!

Dr. Merkel and our Anti-Aging Director, Longevity Specialist Joan Hettinger, RN,MSN,FNP-BC, attend frequent seminars to keep up to date on this exciting part of our medical practice! 

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