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Acne Prevention - Why Obagi is best!

Our hearts go out to the thousands who suffer from Acne . Some battle it for years, and many have lifelong scarring from it. We want to let you know, there is a solution to solving your acne without harmful oral medication or antibiotics. There are many options on the market, but we have experienced Obagi's Clenziderm System to produce the best results because some of the ingredients are designed to kill the bacteria below the skin that cause the breakout.

Acne can be treated many different ways, from topical to oral medication. The oral medication can work for many, but has some harsh side effects that many want to avoid. There are hundreds of topicals on the market and most do not work well. Save yourself a lot of money, trial and error and start a plan that is proven to work. Call our office to schedule a consult today. 970-242-9127 or email us.

Why Obagi is better than less expensive brands.

Obagi is a liquid Benzoil Peroxide (BPO) targeting the bacteria below the skin, not just the top layer of your skin like the crystal form of (BPO) used in other less expensive brands like Proactive, Neutragena Clear Skin and many others... These often work for some in the early stages, but it rarely helps in the long term.

A Testimonial from an Obagi user who has tried everything.

To be transparent...this is not our patient, but I think her experience is well documented here. This video is a bit long, but worth the watch.

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