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Non-Surgical In-office procedures to shape and lift!

Morpheous 8 and Scarlet RF - The best solutions on the market for skin-tightening resurfacing, & creating a better contour and a more youthful skin surface.

BodyTite & FaceTite - The top rated equipment for tightening and de-bulking. A minimally invasive treatment that targets the underlying fat layers at the same time as surface tightening. Great for treating sagging areas of the face or saddlebags, sagging arms, back fat and abdomen.

AccuFit - Electromagnetic stimulation of the muscles to help build, strengthen and sculpt. One treatment is equal to many workouts in the gym. Enhance or Repair.

Nordyls - A superior solution for diminishing scars, veins and discoloration of the skin, as well as hair removal. This multi-technology devise can target a variety of issues with IPL, FRAX and Radio-frequency with adaptable heads that give us flexibility to treat small or large areas and many skin maladies.

Plus unmatched experience in surgical options including liposuction and fat transfer as well as, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, mommy makeovers and more...


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