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Body Sculpting with electromagnetic stimulation. no pain, no downtime.

Get the Body You Want - It is Well Deserved

Activate your muscles with Accufit, a non-invasive, totally painless, muscle building treatment that tones and rebuilds your muscles without gym time!

Correct weakness in the arms, legs, buttocks, back, abdomen & flanks.

Effective for treating an injury or an affliction affecting strength and/or balance. Restore the bodies normal contours and achieve optimal results for body builders who want to augment growth and definition of their muscles.

What is Accufit?

Lutronic Accufit™ is intelligently designed to deliver direct muscle activation treatments

  • Improve aesthetic appearance

  • Build strength & balance

  • Restore muscle function after injury

  • Supplement physical therapy for a faster recovery

Precisely controlled energy flows through the selected muscle, triggering multiple muscle contractions which build strength.


Key Benefits

  • Accufit has 3X the power of other systems enabling faster, effective treatments

  • Accufit restores muscle function

  • Target one muscle area at a time in 30-45 min

- abdomen/flanks, buttocks, back, legs, arms

  • Can treat one add't area at the same appt. for an add't $300.

  • No pain, no recovery

  • 4 sessions, 3-7 days apart for best results. Although many clients will benefit more with additional treatments

Accufit is the future of muscle building and toning in aesthetics. It's 3 times stronger than competitor devices and a significantly more comfortable treatment for the client with superior results. It’s the only device on the market that replicates how your muscles actually work during a workout. It uses direct muscle activation with real-time monitoring to build, shape, and define your muscles. Comfortable, no downtime treatment with amazing results! - Irina Damyanidu, CEO Lutronic


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