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Aging Gracefully?

What we see in Hollywood is such a small slice of what occurs in the real world...Everyone would love the budget of the rich and famous, but don't forget the pressure and notoriety that goes with it.

What we hear our patients ask for time and again is they are wanting to look (and feel) younger, but naturally.

I think most would agree, Jane Fonda is a great example of aging gracefully, she has done an amazing job of staying in shape, taking care of herself and has a great plastic surgeon who knows how to give her a lift that looks natural, and not forced.

So how do you age gracefully?

1- Know what you want. Of course everyone's taste is different, but expressing what you want done is important. It is our goal to listen to our patients first and foremost.

2 - Experience. Quality surgeons and aestheticians are not common. Working with a physician or aesthetician who has experience in helping you achieve your goals is so important. You may want surgical services or want to start with non-surgical, it depends greatly on your situation, so working with someone who knows what is best suited for you, can save you some serious time and money.

3 - You come first. Investing in your health is often set aside, but we can never understand why so many people don't consider their health one of their most important needs. So consider how you look and feel and if that will make you happy, then it is worth the investment.

4- Feel Good. Begin on the inside? We not only offer aesthetic services but also bio identical hormone therapy and sometimes starting with the inside is the best base to aging gracefully. Certainly a combination of the two is going to help you achieve your best results.

Treat yourself, look and feel your best, and start your path to aging gracefully. Call to speak with us about aging gracefully (like the stars). 970-242-9127.

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