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Address Dry Lips

Cold weather can wreak havoc on lips, leaving them dry and chapped until spring, then summer turns the corner and the hot blazing sun drys and scorches them. They can feel especially irritated as the skin adjusts back and forth to changes in temperature and moisture. With this in mind, Epionce has developed Anti-Aging Lip Renewal – now available as part of the Epionce line! We also carry our staff favorite - Miracle Lips!

If you look at the skin on your body, it’s not uniform. Texture and elasticity differs on the hands, face, elbows and lips. The layer of skin on the lips is thin, making it a challenge retain moisture. Additionally, exposure to factors like wind, extreme temperatures or eating throughout the day can have a big impact on the condition of your lips.

Apply Anti-Aging Lip Renewal or Miracle Lips once in the morning and evening to help improve visible redness and dry lips, calm irritation and provide moisture to help achieve softer lips.

Care for you LIPS and you will LOVE them!

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