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"Do you have aged, wrinkled ar droopy eyelids or fat pockets below the eyes? Smile lines and/or fat pads around the mouth or cheeks? Does your neck have extra tissue hanging down that creates an appearance of a band or fold?

These are all areas of aging that can be significantly improved and in some cases completely turned around.

The Agnes is a new device in all of Western CO that uses Radio waves (RF) to targets unwanted fat and liquefies it so the bodies healing abilities can remove it. At the same time the technology tighten the skin - ALL with NO Surgery.


EYE BAG REDUCTION & tighten Upper lid

AGNES eye bag treatment is a non-surgical, in-office treatment that is performed comfortably under local anesthesia. The AGNES RF device is used to deliver RF energy at selected controlled depths to the upper eyelid skin and lower eyelids. This permanently destroys the fat which shrinks the fat pad as well as tighten the skin. Because Agnes is so precise at destroying facial fat it is also effective for tightening and reducing the fat from the neck and jowl area at the same time as tightening the skin. Introductory Cost - $1800 for lower eyelid treatment or $2500 for upper & lower eyelids.

The Fat accumulation in the neck is a tell tale sign of age (double chin), & some patients loose their fat thru dieting and end up with sagging skin

The AGNES treatment can successfully treat fatty deposits in and around the face, including the double chin, jowls, cheeks and under-eye bags. The combination of heat and radio frequency effectively reduces stubborn fat cells by

destroying them permanently. The added benefit of this treatment is the stimulation of new collagen, which leads to restored skin elasticity and rejuvenated looking skin. Therefore you get rid of fat and tighten the skin all in one treatment. Final results improve over time as the treated

area continues to heal.

Introductory Cost - starting at $4200 for jowls

Frown Lines, Crowsfeet, smile lines, are a noticeable mark of age

AGNES deliver RF thru micro-needle clusters via a superficially penetration of the dermis where the fine lines and wrinkles are evident. The radio frequency (RF) energy delivers heat and RF waves to the treatment area, which promotes contraction of collagen fibers and results in tighter skin tissue. During the AGNES wrinkle treatment, local anesthesia is administered to numb the treatment area.

Call for an appointment 970-242-9127 •


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