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Non-Sugical Face or Body lifts are now the norm.

Non-surgical face lifts and entire body lifts require the most advanced technology, which we have!

We can treat most, if not all, areas of the body without the use of a scalpel and with almost no recovery or pain. Target problem areas: face neck, jawline, lower eyelids, cellulite, belly, hips, buttocks, breasts, or any area of the body. Additionally, treat painful worn out joints with stem cells from your own supply that are located in your abdominal fat where the highest concentration of stem cells are found and easily harvested.

Face Contouring

Accutite & Facetite

• Tighten Eyelid Skin

• Tighten Forehead & Lift Brows

• Tighten Jawline & Neck

• Wrinkle Reduction

+ Additional Fat Transfers (grafting) to add fullness/youthfulness

Torso, Legs, Chest


Non-surgical Fat Depletion

• Abdominal Sculpting

• Hips, back and buttock debulking

• Saddlebag and Leg sculpting

• Arm Sculpting

• Breast Sculpting

• Cellulite Treatment


Morpheus 8 or Scarlet RF

This is the latest in delivery of Radio-frequency into the dermis via Micro-needling. The RF is emitted from the needles themselves.

• Facial Reshaping for a younger appearance.

• Skin Tightening

• Wrinkle Reduction

• Cellulite Treatment

+ Additional application for

• Skin Resurfacing with CO2 laser

• Reduction of acne scars


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