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Love the Skin You Are In

Everyone ages, but some do it better than others. Often times simple hormone replenishment can slow the process, while other times rejuvenation treatments or surgery can greatly reverse the clock. Working with the most experienced staff can help you achieve your goals.

New procedures and advanced technology offer patients abundant choices and better care.

Body & Face Contouring

Breasts, buttock, tummy, arms, legs, face, eyes, chin, cheeks...

Surgical body & facial contouring removes excess sagging skin and fat while improving the shape of the underlying support tissue. Non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures can also be effective in reducing bulk, smoothing skin, diminish existing scars and more. Working with a licensed and qualified provider to meet your goals is the first step and having the most up-to-date equipment is the second step and is essential.

Our BodyTite procedure uses the liposuction technique combined with radio-frequency delivered through the skin by the needling process. The treatment is done with local and topical anesthesia for maximum comfort. The radio waves heat up the dermis and fat to reduce the fat and tighten the skin all at the same time.

This procedure is successful in treating areas of the body including the aging face, eyelids, neck, arms, legs, or any area of the body that is aged and drooping. The instrument are named Morpheus 8, Scarlett and Agnes. Morpheus 8 and Scarlett are for treatment of the face and neck and Agnes is used for the lower eye lid bags, and upper lid hooding.

Hair Removal

Hair grows in the places we don't want and now you can remove it permanently.

Hair removal for women or men allows you to finally stop the endless shaving. New technology has improved removal of unwanted hair, making it faster and less painful, and can be done anywhere on the body or the scalp –for any skin type. White hair can not be removed.

Joint Pain Relief

Non-surgical, one-time treatment to relieve pain by curing the problem and a great alternative to surgery.

Cure arthritic, painful joints and eliminate joint pain in

the knees, hips, shoulders, back, hands, feet is what stem cells do. The Stem Cells are extracted from your own abdominal fat combined with platelet rich plasma(PRP) made from drawn blood and mixed together with fat preparation for placing into the joint space curing the problem by restoring the cartilage cells that have been worn away. Not just for pain relief but also for rejuvenation. All done with local anesthesia and sedation if necessary. The restoration effect is permanent and can lasts for years and is a one time injection; unlike many other providers, this is not a series of PRP or steroid injections. The procedure has no pain, and no recovery time.

Varicose vein removal

Don't ignore varicose veins! If left untreated they can cause lethal side effects.

If your veins are showing in your legs and are painful then you need an ultrasound analysis. We include the ultrasound in our initial consult, in-office at no cost to you. After diagnosis, we can create an effective plan for you using laser and chemical ablation. Varicose veins are incompetent veins that can contain trapped, stagnant, blood in the vessel and can coagulate and possibly travel to your heart, lungs or brain. You have no excuse to ignore them, as blood clots are a serious health risks. The veins are treated for this functional reason, any cosmetic gain is secondary & coincidental.

Why wait? If any of the above treatments peak your interest, Call for a consult today. Our highly educated and experienced staff is ready to help you meet your goals. Finding just the right treatments for you.

Call for a consult today - 970-242-9127

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