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Breast Augmentation - The most common procedure done today.

Breast surgery is the number one procedure performed year after year because it makes many women feel more attractive, alluring and self-assured.

Face and other

Body Reshaping can be done with

breast augmentation

Abdominal Reduction



Skin Tightening

Fat Transfer

Stem Cell Therapy &

Stem Cell Joint Injections

Varicose Vein Ablation

Hair Removal

Hormone Replenishment

Botox & Fillers

Call for a consult today!

Botox and filler treatments are available during breast consultation or other treatments,

let us know when you schedule.

  • Surgery performed with local anesthesia combined with monitored conscious sedation

  • Private JCAHO approved operating room with privacy and complete anonymity (no hospital or surgery center)

  • Memory gel implants by Mentor (the best)

  • Replacement of saline implants ruptured or intact, or Reconstruction

  • Extensive consultation, pre-op, measuring & listening to help decide implant size that best suits you.

  • Bring pictures for discussion

Save $500*

Clients choose us!

​WHY WOULD YOU TAKE CHANCES with less than optimal results with outdated equipment or less experienced medical professionals.

We can guide you to the best option for your anti-aging needs because we have put decades of experience behind what we do as well as investing in the best and latest equipment. We take it seriously and our mission is to meet your goals.

Call for a consult today. 970-242-9127 •

Serving Montrose & Grand Junction for over 40 years

2525 N 8th St, #203 • Grand Jct • 2798 Woodgate Rd, Unit C, Montrose

*Breast Augmentation - Save $500 (Regular price $6500) when you schedule your breast augmentation in November, and procedure is done within scheduling availability. Offer expires 11/30/21.


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