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Are you In the Age of Aging?

Regenerative Stem Cell Treatment is available now, from pain management to facial (fat) replenishment to restore the body you had decades ago.

Pain Management

Non-surgical treatment to relieve pain.

Permanently eliminate joint pain in knees, shoulders, hips, hands, feet, or back in-office treatment room. Stem cells are located in abdominal adipose tissue and extracted from your own fat, mixed with PRP and reduced to a liquid form to place into your joints. Treatment can be done almost painlessly with local anesthesia and ProNox for relaxation or IV monitored sedation.

Stem cells are special types of cells with the ability to multiply and self-renew. They have a tremendous capacity to regenerate damaged cells and cartilage, which in most cases can provide permanent relief of the painful joint. Multiple joints can be treated at the same sitting.

Many patients cancel joint surgeries after receiving stem cell injections and In most cases one treatment is all you need.. This is the FUTURE; and this is used intravenously for many autoimmune illnesses.

Place into and around painful joints to regrow the lost cartilage in

  • shoulders

  • knees

  • back

  • hips

  • hands

  • ankles

  • feet

  • ligaments

  • tendons

Technology Changes the Industry

What is Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy?

A growing community of doctors and scientists with years of research and clinical studies in the medical field have found the healing properties of stem cells can be widely used to treat many maladies. The fat is the vehicle to bring stem cells to where it is needed. These stem cell injections are replacing spent cells that have diminished use or function with new cells and regenerating (regrowing) the spent human cells to restore or establish improved function. This will help reduce pain, improve quality of life, avoid surgeries, and repair bodily function (iv infusion).

PRP (platelet rich plasma) alone will provide temporary relief, OUR formula includes the use of Stem Cells & PRP which allows the worn out cartilage to regenerate, providing permanent relief after one treatment and results improve as time goes on and cells continue to grow and multiply.

Call For a consult today. 970-242-9127.


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