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Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy - May Special

*All Offers expire 5/31/19 & are based on use of local anesthesia and up to 3 targeted areas of the face or 1 joint determined at consult.

Fill Wrinkles in the forehead, the # 11 lines between eyes,“crows feet” around the eyes as well as wrinkles around the mouth and smile lines.

Fill Areas of Fat Loss When we age, we lose the fullness in the face area. Now fat can be transferred to fill hollow eyes and improve the darkness around eyes and raise the brow. We can create natural and fuller looking lips, and sculpt facial features that have deteriorated due to age/ weight loss.

Sculpt Flat Facial Features both men and women can benefit from facial sculpting of the face including cheeks, chin and eyebrows etc... Not only reestablishing fullness to give back your youthful appearance, but bringing out the natural beauty, balance and profile of the face.

Did you know?

Stem cells are inherently part of the fat cells blood supply which are extracted from the patients own body & can offer incredible benefits!

Relieve Painful Joints - Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy is done by harvesting adult stem cells from the patients (your) own fat or from umbilical cord cells. The procedure is all done in-office by a licensed and board certified plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience with fat transfer/augmentation. Although the steps may vary slightly depending on what condition is being treated, the procedure involves three basic steps: First, we purchase or we collect your stem cells via micro-liposuction using a special fat harvesting technique which gently removes your adipose cell clusters (fat) tissue with minimal to no pain. Then, we reduce the particle size containing regenerative stem cells in the fat. Lastly, the stem cells are delivered into the joint by painless injection or infiltrated into the face, breast or buttock with local anesthesia depending on the individualized treatment goals. All with no downtime!

An all natural, safe and effective alternative to extensive, expensive painful surgeries that can have long recovery times and possible adverse effects.

Call to schedule a consult today - 970-242-9127

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