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Technology Focus - Tattoo Removal, Clearer skin with lasers

Clearer smoother skin & Tattoo Removal

Introducing Pico technology...

The PICO Genesis laser procedure removes benign brown and red spots, treating all skin types and can treat larger surfaces. It has advanced our options to efficiently treat common pigmentary concerns including more challenging cases such as low contrast lighter brown spots. In addition to the skin tone improvements, there is improvement in overall skin quality – the skin looks brighter and more youthful even following one treatment. PICO Genesis is a game-changer for patients. Little to no pain, rapid healing.

The enlighten laser system is a game changer for patients seeking tattoo removal.

We can finally deliver patients the results they have wanted since laser tattoo removal was first invented.

Fewer visits

Almost painless

Treats all colors

Doesn’t get any better

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