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Women's Health Initiative - new results support the safe effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Over a decade ago, reports gave millions of women doubt about taking hormones to improve quality of life, aid in the transition of menopause, etc.... but new results support the safety and effectiveness of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

As we age, our hormones get out of balance, partly due to age and partly due to toxins in our daily lives (environmental, foods, lotions, and a big one... STRESS). It is important to look at hormone balance as an entire picture. So, for example, when estrogen (often affected by foods and stress) is out of balance, then cortisol is out of whack, causing your adrenals to become depleted, leading to your thyroid becoming depleted, which can then lead to your metabolism being taxed. This may lead to weight gain, fatigue, more stress, etc. and becomes a continued downward spiral.

The recent release of the 18 year followup on the big Women's Health Initiative trial helps set minds at ease, due to new evidence and re-analysis of older data. More women will now have confidence to use hormones to manage menopausal symptoms. This is great, but we want to note we have been using bioidentical hormone replacements for years to help women (and men) live stronger, healthier, more energetic lives. The KEY is the right amount for the right person and, of course, quality supplements. The only way to know what a particular person needs to improve his or her hormone levels is to look at blood results.

In our office, we consult with you, send you to the lab, review your blood results, and create a plan specific to your hormone levels.

We will work with you to help alleviate some of the environmental influences as well. We can suggest foods, herbs, and supplements to help support your hormone therapy. We will work with you continually and check in to make sure you are on the right path for balancing your hormones and achieving your goals.

It is known that there are some basic foods which can either promote or upset hormone balance in men and women. Many foods today cause an increase in estrogen and, as discussed above, this leads to an imbalance of many other hormones. This is not good....

Foods Everyone Should Avoid.

Soy - Soy and Soy products are high in estrogen, decreasing progesterone. Not good for men either, decreasing testosterone.

Sugar -Increases estrogen while more fruits and veggies, healthy fats, fewer grains, and less carbs will help to decrease estrogen.

Enriched Flour/Wheat - Due to the spraying of Glyphosate on many common grains, chemicals are killing all of the good bacteria in your gut, leading to all sorts of issues. Look for non-GMO or gluten free options for breads, pastas, crackers, etc.

Conventional Meat and Dairy - Average milk and meat products have growth hormone-based additives and contain 20 plus different chemicals! Consuming these growth hormones can lead to an increased risk of cancers, auto-immune problems, attention deficit, early onset of puberty, and so much more....Consumption of organic produce and grass-fed meat will avoid any such chemical toxicity.

Plastic Containers/Teflon plans - Throw out your plastic bottles/containers (especially plastic water bottles that sit in the sun). When heated, that plastic leaches into the water and you consume it. Every time you heat teflon it gets into your food. Use glass and stainless instead.

Foods to consume to detoxify

Cruciferous vegetables - eat more... eat everyday. These are great detoxification products. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel spouts, cabbage, also contain great vitamins. Consider organic choices!

Dark Leafy Greens - are vitamin-rich, increase energy, fuel the body. Eat plenty...preferably organic!

Tumeric/Curcumin - anti-inflamatory

Milk Thistle - detoxifying

Lavender Oil - to release stress and lower cortisol

Garlic - great for immune system, hair, nails etc..

There are so many more…and it depends greatly on your specific needs. However, improving your diet through lower sugar intake and incorporating more raw foods is a great place to start.

Call today to schedule a consult, the first step on your path to improved health and longevity.



Learn more about herbs/spices for supporting your hormones.

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