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Hormone Replacement Therapy - Who Can Benefit?


Hormone therapy was developed to aid women through the hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. It has now evolved to a science that is well-studied and practiced by many across the globe for a multitude of reasons and for both men and women. Almost everyone over the age of 40, and many people in their 30’s, can benefit from hormone replenishment because we are all exposed to many environmental and dietary toxins that contribute to the natural decline of hormones. To feel your best and have optimal health and wellness, you should get comprehensive lab testing and work with a qualified and highly-experienced health care provider.

Some of the indications for hormone replenishment are:

• Weight gain or weight loss

• Loss of energy or loss of strength

• Increased anxiety

• Cognitive decline

• Depression

• Sleeplessness

• Osteoporosis or bone loss

• Loss of libido/sex drive

• Increased irritability

• Loss of hair

• Aging of the skin/nails

• Symptoms of Menopause/Hot flashes

• Vaginal Dryness/Painful intercourse

• Hysterectomy

How do you know if hormone replenishment is for you?

The first step is an analysis of your level of health by studying health choices (sleep, diet, exercise, etc.).

Next is a study of your body's response to those health choices (a comprehensive blood analysis) as a guide for making the appropriate recommendations for your treatment. These recommendations will include replenishment of biologically-identical hormones to optimal and physiologic levels (within normal limits and not to excess), lifestyle changes as needed, and directed nutritional supplements to support symptom relief, wellness, and prevention of some age-related health problems.

Dr. Merkel and our Anti-Aging Director, Joan Hettinger, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, attend frequent seminars to stay current about the science and practice of this exciting field. Together they have helped many people regain strength and energy, as well as look and feel better as they age.


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