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A Peek Into The History of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Many people ask why my specialty of surgery is called Plastic Surgery. Actually it's complete name is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The specialty is celebrating its 70th year in existence this month! It all began with a chosen few surgeons who worked on an injured and mangled soldier of WWII. New operations were invented to reconstruct open wounds due to tissue loss. The specialty exists today with various sub-specialties such as Hand and Arm Surgeons, Burn Surgeons, Cancer Removal and Reconstruction surgeons. The most popular field is Aesthetic (also known as Cosmetic) to turn back the clock and fix genetic flaws.

Leaps and bounds have been made in this specialty so that I can help you and those you love achieve their goals whether it be aesthetic or reconstructive. I am dedicated to giving you the best care possible while continuing to advance my areas of expertise.

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