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Do you find yourself looking in the mirror this time of year wishing you felt comfortable in shorts, a bathing suit or a shorter dress? Well you are in luck! We have helped woman all over the Western Slope and beyond get comfortable in their skin again and be able to wear the things they want to wear. There are many reasons to take good care of your legs - from medical issues to aesthetic reasons. No matter what YOUR reason is, we can help.


So what is micro-needling? It's not only a favorite treatment among celebrities but it's one of our favorites as well! Micro-Needling is the process of using specialized equipment to make micro channels in the skin. This process stimulates your skins natural ability to heal itself and in the process produce collagen and elastin.

The repair process begins almost immediately and results in a thicker dermis and softened wrinkles or scars.


  • Improves Texture and Tone

  • Surface Scarring

  • Acne Scarring

  • Fine Wrinkles

Why Sunscreen?

You've been told a hundred times by everyone from your mother to your doctor to your aesthetician that you need to wear sunscreen, but do you know why? It's a little easier to abide by the sunshine rule when you have good reasons to back it up.

  1. Sunscreen protects every skin type. If you have a darker complexion, the melanin in your skin makes some natural protection against sunburns, but you still need protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. People with fair skin are more likely to develop skin cancer from sun exposure, but people with dark skin are more likely to develop serious types of cancer if they get it.

  2. Most of what you are calling "aging" is actually years of sun damage.Dermatologists with the Skin Care Foundation estimate 90% of aging comes not from the number of candles on your birthday cake but the hours you've spent in the sun. Wearing sunscreen daily saves your skin from years of visible damage later.

  3. There are more choices and better applications available today than ever! Long gone are the days of neon zinc oxide stripes down the center of your nose. Modern Zinc based sunscreens use micronized particles for invisible sun protection.

  4. The sun is strong even when it's not sunny out. Many people think it's okay to skip the sunscreen on overcast days or brief stints in the sun but a little cloud covering does not stop the ultraviolet rays from penetrating your skin. So don't skip out when the sun is hiding.

  5. Sun damage is cumulative. Don't be fooled into thinking you can build up a safe tan, there's no such thing. Every exposure contributes to possible cellular damage. Spare your skin tomorrow and wear sunscreen starting today!

The Best Breasts Over The Years - New Beauty Editors

This month we are paying a little tribute to the best breasts over the decades. Whether natural or enhanced these woman have curves that are still talked about today. Take a look...


Like most of the fashion of it's time, breasts were downplayed for a more boyish silhouette.


With Marylin Monroe at the forefront of enviable style, voluptuous breasts made a come-back.


Breasts were full but with more forward projection, as seen here on a young Raquel Welch.


As the bold looks of the 60's died down, woman embraced the natural look of their breasts, and breasts that drooped a bit were acceptable.


The 80's weren't just about BIG HAIR, breast augmentation began to grow in popularity as well as the use of silicone.


The emergence of Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson increased the popularity of big, round, firm breasts.


At the turn of the century, the paradigm began to shift towards more natural-looking, full breasts.


Today it's about cleavage that doesn't look fake with options of round and full or natural and full breasts

What look do you prefer? We are proud to be referred to as one of the top choices for breast augmentation on the Western Slope. Doctor Merkel has been sought out by woman for years just due to his reputation for surgically enhancing breasts to look beautiful and natural.

Have a great day!

Plastic Surgery Specialists, PC

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