A Peek Into The History of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Many people ask why my specialty of surgery is called Plastic Surgery. Actually it's complete name is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The specialty is celebrating its 70th year in existence this month! It all began with a chosen few surgeons who worked on an injured and mangled soldier of WWII. New operations were invented to reconstruct open wounds due to tissue loss. The specialty exists today with various sub-specialties such as Hand and Arm Surgeons, Burn Surgeons, Cancer Removal and Reconstruction surgeons. The most popular field is Aesthetic (also known as Cosmetic) to turn back the clock and fix genetic flaws. Leaps and bounds have been made in this specialty so that I


Do you find yourself looking in the mirror this time of year wishing you felt comfortable in shorts, a bathing suit or a shorter dress? Well you are in luck! We have helped woman all over the Western Slope and beyond get comfortable in their skin again and be able to wear the things they want to wear. There are many reasons to take good care of your legs - from medical issues to aesthetic reasons. No matter what YOUR reason is, we can help. MICRO NEEDLING So what is micro-needling? It's not only a favorite treatment among celebrities but it's one of our favorites as well! Micro-Needling is the process of using specialized equipment to make micro channels in the skin. This process stimulat


WHAT IS Pregnenolone? Pregnenolone is a precursor hormone, a substance from which other important hormones are produced. It is made in the brain. It functions as a memory enhancer, and is very important for cellular repair, particularly in the brain and nerve tissue. It has a protective action against the unwanted effects of elevated cortisol levels and has been shown to improve deep rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Pregnenolone was originally used in the 1940's to treat arthritis, and it proved remarkably effective for relieving arthritic symptoms. Studies show that Pregnenolone may relieve the symptoms of rheumatory and osteo arthritis and increase the range of motion of arthritic joints.

It's Here, There and EVERYWHERE

From eyes to thighs, Thermi has a minimally invasive or non-surgical solution for you! Thermi uses Radio Frequency technology also known as RF to tighten, smooth and rejuvenate. Dr. Merkel was the first on the Western Slope to offer these cutting edge treatments such as - ThermiTight -ThermiSmooth Face -ThermiSmooth Body -ThermiVa, Vaginal and Feminine Rejuvenation Check out our non-surgical page for more info You can also watch below for more info on ThermiVa...

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