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surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in colorado

The Medical Spa
Grand Junction's Top Plastic Surgery
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The Medical Spa Services

micro and nano fat transfer in colorado

Micro & Nano Fat Transfer

The Gold Standard in Regenerative Therapy

Safe, all natural, long lasting filler utilizing your own adipose tissue.

Stem cells are extracted from the patient's fat & offers many benefits:

  • alleviates pain from worn out joints

  • accelerates healing of joints & the whole body

  • rejuvenation of the face and other areas of the body

  • replaces expensive fillers

  • is the future of anti-aging and sculpting

There is no better treatment on the market for regenerative therapies and achieving a more youthful appearance.
Performed in-office with local anesthesia.

Pain management in colorado

Pain Management

Non-Surgical Treatment to Relieve Pain

Effectively reduce or eliminate joint pain in knees, shoulders, hips, hands, feet, or back with a focused, in-office treatment. Stem cells are located in adipose tissue and extracted from your own fat, mixed with PRP and broken down to a liquid to inject into your joints. Injections can be done with ProNox for relaxation or IV medical sedation. Stem cells are special types of cells with the ability to multiply and self-renew. They have a tremendous capacity to regenerate damaged cells and cartilage, which can provide great relief of the painful joint. Many patients cancel joint surgeries after receiving stem cell injections and In many cases one treatment is all you need.. This is the FUTURE!

Did you know?

2021's Top Plastic Surgery Requests...
Breast Augmentation, Face Lift, Skin Tightening,

Botox,  Chemical Peels, Vein Removal

The Medical Spa Philosophy

Changing the way you look, changes the way you feel! ​​It is our goal to offer personalized, quality care in a private and confidential manner, in order to meet your specific needs. We believe that the essence of quality in Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery is a combination of expert surgical judgment, technical competence, innovation, and continuing education to give you the best possible result. Aging causes deformities, which we can repair. We can restore youth and vitality to the body, and rejuvenate the mind so you can maintain your positive direction toward your goals.

Dr. Merkel Medical Spa

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